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Returns & Warranty

Frequently asked questions.

What is the Return/Exchange Policy?

  • Returns/exchanges may be accepted only within 30 days of date of received order.

How to Return/Exchange?

  • Please ship your return/exchanges to the address below
  • Also include a note with your Order Number and state if you want to return or exchange, or your return/refund cannot be processed.



3327 Farrington St

Flushing, NY, 11354


Does Wave Gel Shop provide return shipping labels?

  • No, Wave Gel shop does not provide return labels.
  • All returns must be shipped by USPS or UPS . USPS (Priority Mail) and UPS (Regular Ground).
  • Email a copy of your shipping receipt to info@minakogroup.com and we will refund your shipping cost for that return. Please include your order number in the email or we cannot process the refund.


How long is the WAVEGEL Gelsaber light warranty?

  • There is a 12 month period after the date of purchase that you can return the lamp, after 12 months of the date of purchase the WAVEGEL Lamp Warranty is over.

How fast can I get a replacement?

  • We will ship out the replacement light the same day we received the return. Depending on your location will affect the shipping time.

How do I pack and ship back the Light?

  • You can put the lamp back into the original box and email us for a free shipping label. Please include your order # and shipping address in the email, and we will mail you the shipping label. Or you can ship with the post office or UPS Centers in your local area.
  • Email: info@minakogroup.com
  • You Must INCLUDE your original order # of the Light inside the return so we can process the replacement for you. 

Where do I ship the light?


3327 Farrington St, 

Flushing, NY, 11354